Holly is an 18″ cloth doll very similar in size to many well known 18″ dolls. She comes with many different options, from skin colour to type of hair and which face you would like.

Included with your doll is a set of clothes and a pair of shoes. You are able to order one extra outfit or an extra pair of shoes when adding to cart.

Her limbs and head are all attached with joints which enables her to move.  She is not able to stand by herself, but in the right position she is able to sit on her own.

Please choose carefully as certain add-ons or options makes a big difference to the final price.

The exact fabric shown in the picture might not be available, but if not, similar fabric will be chosen. This information will be communicated with you before I start making your item.

  • This plush/doll is *MADE TO ORDER* with the details you specify.
  • Orders are full about a year in advance, please check before payment.
  • A second invoice will be sent at the beginning of the month that your item will be sewed, by which time payment will be due.
  • Payments can be made any time before the second invoice or at the receipt of the second invoice after which fabric choices will be communicated with you.
  • Should you decide to cancel your order before the second invoice, or before fabric prep on your item has started, any monies paid by you will be refunded.
  • All orders are made and shipped in the order in which they are placed.
  • Returns are not accepted on personalized items, but please communicate any issues you might have with the item and I will endeavour to resolve the issue.
  • Please check current lead time on orders before making payment. Thank you.

Available on backorder

Change hair for Wool hair

Change hair for Long Wool Art Hair

Extra set of clothing

Hair – imported curly or straight – included in original price * 

Please choose your option and then look at the photos in the gallery for this listing at the options and add that to the next point – Hair Colour

Face details * 

You can choose if you would like your doll to have freckles. There is also an option for glasses. If you choose to have glasses I will communicate with you on style and colour of glasses. Glasses are permanently embroidered on the face and not removable.

Hair Colour * 

Please specify which colour hair you would like below

Faces * 

Here are the options for faces that can be used with the Holly doll. There is a photo of the doll faces in the photo gallery of this listing. The following question asks about details of the face.

Please specify below which colour eyes you would like.

Following are all the colour options for the skin. Please see in the gallery of this listing for photos of the colour. Please remember that differences in screen colours might make any of these colours look slightly different.

Ears – yes ears * 

There are the option to have elf/fairy ears instead of normal ears. That usually goes well with the different coloured skin and hair.


If you chose glasses, please look at the photos in the gallery of this listing for the 3 options.