Luna Doll


The Luna Doll is a baby doll originally designed by Planet Applique. I have made some design changes to make it more unique to the Luna Doll.

The head and limbs are attached with plastic joints, that’s really strong. The limbs and body is weighted to give the idea of a real baby. In the hands, the mouth and the eyes are magnets. This allows for baby to ‘clap hands, play peek-a-boo, suck her thumb and suck a dummy’.

She comes with a set of clothes, nappy and dummy. The dummy has a magnet and is attached to a ribbon and clasp that can grip on to the clothes.

When ordering the Luna Doll you are able to choose hair colour, eye colour, face and a name that will be embroidered on the side of the tummy. You are also able to choose a combination of facial features. All of these options are available when adding your Luna doll to your cart. You are now able to choose different skin colours

Added options are a full head of woolen hair or imported long hair that can be styled. The original faux fur hair is imported but short.


Available on backorder

Imported Long Hair Colours

These are hair wefts that come in straight, wavy or curly. They are also attached to the doll by hand.
Colour choices subject to availability, if your chosen colour is not available it will be communicated to you.

Short Faux Fur Hair colours Included

Choose the colour of your doll’s hair. These are included in the base price.

Face * 

Please indicate which face you would like. Look through the photos for the options.

Mix it up Face details

If you have chosen the “mix it up face” choice,please specify what features you would like to be combined or alternatively comment with tbc( to be confirmed ) and we can discuss it later.

Eyes * 

Please tell me what colour eyes you would like.

Name * 

Please type in the name you would like on the doll. Please make 100% sure of the spelling.

Clothing options * 

Included with your doll is an outfit with nappy, headband/beany and dummy. Choose here what type of clothing you want. Inspiration for outfit ideas are on my facebook page – as well as the pinterest board .

Extra Outfit

The extra outfit includes a nappy and headband/beany. You can choose the type of clothing you want. Only one extra outfit allowed with your Luna booking. An extra slot must be booked for additional clothing.


There are a few different wing options. It attaches to the doll with elastic around the shoulders.

Skin colour * 

Following are all the colour options for the skin. Please see the gallery of this listing for photos of the colour. Please remember that differences in screen colours might make any of these colours look slightly different.