Leila the Kitty


Leila the kitty is so sweet. She is made in minky plush fabric, with joints in her legs for forward and backward movement. The head does not move. The buttons at the top of her limbs are for decoration. If you choose to have buttons we can discuss type and size of buttons, there is no extra charge for this.  She also has a ribbon necklace with a little silver bell ( Not detachable ). Have you seen her big eyes?? These eyes come with a glitter colour background. Colours can be chosen later. She will also be available in standard sized eyes with colour options. Plushie colours are customisable as always.

Please check current lead time on orders before making payment. Thank you.

Available on backorder

Embroidery * 

You can choose if you want embroidery done. Details about embroidery can be discussed later.

Decorative buttons * 

Please choose if you would like buttons on the limbs. Details of buttons can be discussed later

Eyes * 

Eyes can be either large ( as shown in the picture ) or normal size. Eyes come with glitter backing. Please indicate what colour you would like for the eyes in the comment section of the cart, or alternatively it can be discussed later.

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