Nika Bunny


Nika Bunny is named after my daughter Danika.  She collects bunnies and as this is the first bunny I designed it was named after her. The Nika Bunny is a patchwork floppy bunny. It is weighted in the limbs and body which gives it the ability to sit and lie in different positions.

I am using safety eyes and safety noses. This means that the bunny is safe around children but not without supervision.  So far, in my experience, if the safety eyes or nose come out it is usually with a chunk of fabric attached.  The reason fabric could possibly be torn when unnatural force is applied, is because some fabrics are more delicate and can become more delicate with time. I iron interfacing onto all materials, but have started to put two different kinds of interfacing on more delicate ‘memory’ fabric. It is also best to place your bunny in a pillow case if you want to wash him so as not to get any other clothing snagged on the eyes or nose.

The floppy bunny can be made with my fabric, a combination of my and your fabric or just from your fabric.  It can be made into a memory bunny using your baby items.  For this bunny I need at least 4 items.  If you give me less I can use some of my fabrics to complete the bunny.

If you would like to do a memory bunny, here are the requirements:

*I need about 4 items sent/delivered to me in a ziploc bag with all the details that needs to be embroidered on a paper inside the bag.

*You can give me an order of preferance to use/highlight items if you want.

*I will be able to tell if I have enough material to work with, depending on the quality and condition of the items and communicate this with you.

*You can let me know if you only have one or two items that you would like highlighted and want me to use my own fabric for the rest of the bunny.

*I will give you a date by which I have to start with the fabric preparation.  If I don’t have the fabric at that time I will have to cancel your order, I don’t have openings to move the order.

*Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

  • Please check current lead time on orders before making payment. Thank you.

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