Toothless inspired dragon


This awesome dragon pattern is by Becca from Planet Applique, a very talented designer.

The head, wings and limbs are jointed which makes them all movable.

The dragon comes with a fish and an egg.  The fish has magnets on the back and the dragon has magnets in his hands which enables it to hold the fish.  You can choose if you would not like the fish and/or the egg when adding to cart.

The stomach and the wings can be made in the same plush minky as the rest of the dragon or a glimmer fabric can be chosen.  You also have the option to embroider information/name on the front on the stomach or have a toothpocket.  All options available when adding to cart.

Fabric and colours are completely customisable.

  • Please check current lead time on orders before making payment. Thank you.

Available on backorder

Accent Colour * 

The inside of the wings and the tummy can have accent colours, usually a glimmer fabric. Or the whole Dragon can be in one fabric.

If you chose an accent colour, please give a short description of the colour you would like.

Toothpocket * 

Please choose if you would like a toothpocket

If you chose a toothpocket, please add the name below, ensuring the spelling is correct.


You are able to choose embroidery on the front of the dragon.

Embroidery information

Please add the details of the embroidery, making sure all spelling is correct.

Tail * 

Would you like a toothless inspired tale or a normal tail?

Fish * 

Do you want the fish included?

Egg * 

Would you like an egg included?

If there is anything else you would like us to know, please add it below.