A little bit about the process of how the Skdonk softies and dolls are created.

I use very talented pattern designers’ and digitisers’ patterns for my items.  I use patterns from www.dollsanddaydreams.com , www.wollyonline.com , www.planetapplique.com , www.oaddesigns.com , www.teacuplion.com, www.mariskavos.nl , www.cholyknight.com , www.funkyfriendsfactory.com  and many designers from www.pixiefaire.com

I love all these patterns but sometimes I do prefer customising the designs and changing it to suit my ideas and those of my customers.  Then I do some pattern adjustment, designing and digitising myself.  It can be very time consuming but I love every minute of it.

The next part in the process involves the fabric choices.  This is quite a process to match up the fabrics just right and get the right accessories to match to give the item its character.  I love fabrics and have more than I could ever use in my lifetime, but it means I am spoilt for choice.  Some fabrics I get from local fabric shops, a lot of my fabric comes from local suppliers like www.newmoontextiles.com and www.fabricstore.co.za , fabric printers like www.fabricaddict.co.za, www.fabknits.co.za and www.lcdprintworx.co.za , but I also source some fabric internationally. My minky ( soft plush ) fabric as well as most of my 100% cotton fabric are imported.

After all the fabric has been chosen and cut to the right sizes it needs to be prepared.  This involves cotton interfacing or stretch interfacing being ironed onto the fabric in order to assure longevity and strength to the fabric. Some pieces of fabric needs a special kind of backing in order for it not to unravel with time.  Other items have two different fabrics fused together in order to look nice from both sides and give stability.

Most parts of the softies/dolls are triple stitched for strength and additional stabilisers are used in the process of making the items to ensure that the end result is just right.

When everything is assembled that needs to be assembled the doll/softie is turned (and sometimes it feels like giving birth, because it can really be hard) and stuffed.  Stuffing I use at the moment is polyfibre balls, but I am still looking for proper toy stuffing, which gives the softies a little more of a soft feel.  Once stuffed it’s sewn up, dressed in accessories (if applicable) and then cleaned up to get rid of all the bits of thread and stuffing that stick to it.

It is then time for some photos and then packaging to get ready to go to its new home.

My doll clothes and accessories also use the same type of fabrics, seams are enclosed most of the time or edges are finished with either a zig-zag cut or overlocking. Ironing is done throughout the process of making to ensure crisp finishes.

I love making each item and can only wish for more time or more hands because there are so many more items I would like to make.

I hope this insight into the process your precious doll or softie goes through to get to you, can help you understand how special they are and how much love and time goes into each one of them.